The first intelligent charging station.

  • Unique Power

    Quick charge with up to 44 kW.

  • Intelligent networking

    Networking with up to 128 charging stations!

  • Futuristic Design

    Choose your favorite RAL color

The first intelligent charging station.

For the best use of green energy, the Revolution E charging station records relevant energy data. It communicates with your building, your PV, your energy stores and even with other Revolution E charging stations, to perfectly balance the available energy.

Electric cars should not be simply “loaded”. Your car should be charged with green energy at home or in your company. With the instantCHARGE function your car will be loaded as soon as possible (up to 43kW).

Common charging stations charge e-cars as fast as possible, however, resulting peak loads cause high costs and permanent energy consumption for companies. Switching on and off individual stations to adjust peaks can cause the risk remaining e-cars unloaded. This challenge slowed down well-developed infrastructure so far.

The answer to this challenge is the first and exclusive charging station Revolution E. It uses green energy perfectly and records relevant energy data, communicates with your building, your PV, your energy data reservoirs and even with other Revolution E charging stations. To use available energy ideally. Via smart use of energy flow, your e-car buffers energy surplus to cut down peaks. To invest in a green vehicle fleet, will increase your ROI.

Needless to say Revolution E is able to charge your e-car with instantCHARGE mode in short time up to 43 kW, if necessary.




With our Mobile-App all values of the REVOLUTION E station(s) can be viewed in your browser. All settings, such as charging modes or release can also be changed with your device.


in intelligentCHARGE mode REVOLUTION E will provide only excess energy.

with instantCHARGE your battery will be loaded with the maximum capacity (up to 43kW).


High-quality design and technology are defined by details and ease of use.
We attach great importance to the best materials and most significant processing. The Revolution E charging station is your style statement for “Green Mobility”. Therefore, you can customize your station individually.

Historical Data

Data such as energy consumption, energy production and fueled energy are saved and are available as historical data in the dashboard at any time for evaluation and analysis.

Smart Home

In addition to the basic features of the REVOLUTION E charging station, we provide a SmartHome plugin for leading building controls. e.g. Gira, Jung, Loxone and many more.


When using several charging stations, the available energy is distributed evenly.


March 2016: Revolution E comes to Frankfurt

For the first time it will be officially presented on the world's…

May 2015 – Production starts in small-scale series

The design is final and we have started small-scale series …
made in Germany


High-quality design and technology defined by details and ease…


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